‘Challenging the mess we’re in. We invented the diary 200 years ago – now taking on #art #climatechange #newnormal.’

Philip Letts is a business leader, artist and author. He is the 7th generation of the Letts diary family and has led a number of transformational projects and (ad)ventures.

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While chairing Letts Group, Philip spearheads a climate solution venture, a futures think tank and a new style art centre. Philip is a leader in eco change strategies. He continues to share his ‘Size Zero’ theory and blueprint for ‘doing more with less’ – which is more relevant than ever.

Philip writes regularly and can be found leading the odd retreat at Devon Sculpture Park for leaders seeking new strategic directions with a smaller footprint.

His first two books ‘Doing More with Less’ and ‘The Road to Zero’ set forth the theory. He has also developed the ‘Size Zero Footprint’ – an environmental blueprint for governments, businesses and individuals.

Philip has led organisations that introduced ground breaking innovations including one of the first digital currencies, one of the earliest purely online publishing businesses, a global barter trade network, a pioneering smartphone operating system, an online artists network and a creative services procurement platform. He treats each project as an (ad)venture.

His passion for doing business differently, for the environment and for the arts is infectious. He is fascinated by how art affects creative thinking and vision. Philip is also a successful artist and photographer.

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