Artist Bio

Philip Letts is a recognised environmental artist. He has been represented at many of the leading art fairs around the world and has had a number of solo exhibitions in major galleries in New York, London, Paris and Beirut. He is collected internationally.He is known for his constant push into new media from abstract photography to mixed media, digital art, sculpture, installation and performance art. He focuses on urban and industrial sprawl and the consequent pressure on the environment and our society.He likes to pursue large-scale projects that facilitate a more democratic and accessible world. He developed the first digital currency to be adopted by millions of people and opened up access to cash for the least advantaged. He also brought an international barter network to struggling small businesses and sole traders. Letts also created a global artist network to loosen the stranglehold of large commercial galleries and agents while opening up the ‘commissioning’ market.He is currently developing a 100 acre rewilding project with an open-air gallery for environmental art while nurturing an innovative approach to tackling the climate crisis and examining healthier living. Philip is a rare artist who is not happy solely producing successful artworks. He is also passionate about large, global projects that not only challenge convention but also design groundbreaking solutions. His restless nature means he will never stop campaigning for a more open society, a more natural world and a more meaningful, impactful approach to art.