Philip believes that artists should try to make large-scale societal change happen and not just comment on it. His extraordinary projects over the last two decades have helped facilitate a more democratic and accessible world.

The Webs Currency™

Letts designed and developed the first digital currency in the late 1990’s called Beenz which was adopted by over 6 million people around the world. It opened up access to cash for the least advantaged and allowed people to earn money for simple Web activities such as clicking on links and filling in forms.

International Barter

Letts shaped an international barter network for struggling small businesses and sole traders. It allowed them to trade goods and services without the use of cash, avoiding bureaucratic capitalistic constraints. Small traders welcomed how this helped them improve their cash flow, widen their market and reduce costs.

A First Smartphone Interface

In the early 2000’s Letts designed one of the first smartphone Web interfaces adopted by many of the world’s largest telecom companies. It helped enable the mobile Internet and usher in Web access to the masses.

Global Artists Network

In 2007 Letts created a global artist network to loosen the stranglehold of large commercial galleries and agents while opening up the ‘commissioning’ market. Over 75,000 artists and creatives joined the online co-operative.

Devon Sculpture Park

Letts is currently launching a 100 acre open-air gallery and art centre while also developing an innovative approach to natural climate solutions.