Philip’s retreats are both inspiring and fun. He has been running strategic, innovation-focused retreats for 25 years. He was trained in MIT’s facilitated strategic planning methodology which transformed the concept of the company off-site. Philip has spent the last two decades developing his own unique approach to team based strategic planning as well as one-on-one mentoring with key leadership figures. The experience is quite transformative.

Philip’s retreats focus holistically on individual performance PLUS team dynamics. He uses a unique mix of humour, energy, leadership psychology, creative nurturing, outdoor reimagining and rapid outcome-based strategic planning.

He works with large organisations, high growth businesses and dynamic public sector teams. He also mentors CEO’s and founders with one-on-one retreats for strategic and leadership reinvigoration.

Philip’s retreats are offered exclusively at Devon Sculpture Park – a wildlife haven and creative retreat based in the southwest of England. It is also the UK’s leading smaller-scale rewilding project and environmental art centre.

To enquire about a retreat with Philip please contact us here.